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  • IAlthough the epidemic situation in our country has entered the final stage and most people's lives have been on the right track, the migrant workers who enter the city have encountered unprecedented embarrassment. Although many enterprises have returned to work, many factories have been affected by the epidemic situation in China and overseas, which has led to a sharp decrease in the order quantity of many enterprises, so that many migrant workers have no work. At this time, they can only promote the economy by stimulating domestic demand, so many people will ask whether the current rural implementation of village consolidation, new rural construction and so on can stimulate domestic demand What is the direction? In fact, in recent years, the integration of villages and towns and the construction of new rural areas have always been the most frequently talked about topic among farmers. Because this year's epidemic has a great impact on all walks of life, many farmers feel that this year will not be as drastic as the previous years in rural reform and construction, but it is not the case. Now many rural areas have started the integration of villages and towns and the new year Rural construction. In fact, rural village and new rural construction is one of the ways to stimulate domestic demand. In addition, with the development of rural village and new rural construction, there are many benefits. First, increase farmers' income. Under the influence of the epidemic, many migrant workers did not go to work in the city just after the end of the year as in previous years, but delayed for a month or two. Even after migrant workers went to work in the city, factories were shut down due to the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, so farmers could only return home. Because of the rural village and town and new rural construction, the need for labor will greatly increase, migrant workers can find work without going out, so as to make up for the loss of not being able to work in the city. In fact, the current construction of combining villages with towns and new rural areas can not only increase the income of farmers at this time, but also solve the problem of finding jobs for migrant workers in the long run. Through the construction of rural villages and new rural areas, more and more factories will be opened in rural areas. Migrant workers do not need to go to cities to find jobs as before, but can have jobs at home. Second, the living environment of farmers will be better and better. In recent years, with the increasing income of rural people, every household has built new houses, but the rural environment has not changed much. By combining villages with towns and building new countryside, not only villages have access to roads, but also rural education, medical and other facilities will be more and more comprehensive. The rural areas will no longer be linked with the three words "dirty, disorderly and poor". To sum up, the construction of combining villages with towns and new villages in rural areas will not only stimulate domestic demand, but also be a good thing for farmers. What do you think of this problem? Welcome to reply and discuss.Read More.
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  • IThe White House coronavirus response coordinator said Monday that she is "very worried about every city in the United States" and projects 100,000 to 200,000 American deaths as a best case scenario. In an interview on "TODAY," Dr. Deborah Birx painted a grim message about the expected fatalities, echoing that they could hit more than 2 million without any measures, as coronavirus cases continue to climb throughout the country. "I think everyone understands now that you can go from five to 50 to 500 to 5,000 cases very quickly," Birx said. "I think in some of the metro areas we were late in getting people to follow the 15-day guidelines," she added. Birx said the projections by Dr. Anthony Fauci that U.S. deaths could range from 1.6 million to 2.2 million is a worst case scenario if the country did "nothing" to contain the outbreak, but said even "if we do things almost perfectly," she still predicts up to 200,000 U.S. deaths. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, reiterated Monday on CNN that "I don't want to see it, I'd like to avoid it, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw 100,000 deaths." Politics Birx said the best case scenario would be for "100 percent of Americans doing precisely what is required, but we're not sure that all of America is responding in a uniform way to protect one another," referencing images circulating online of people still congregating in big groups and ignoring guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Birx was also on "Meet the Press" on Sunday warning that "no state, no metro area will be spared," a message she repeated Monday. Even if metro or rural areas don't see the virus in the community now, by the time it does appear, the outbreak will be significant, she added. How long Americans will be expected to comply with measures, including socially distancing and sheltering in place, remains unclear in this growing pandemic after several states and larger cities began implementing measures over the past couple of weeks. President Trump announced Sunday that the administration's guidelines on social distancing have been extended until April 30. Trump said last week that he wanted to see much of the country return to normal by Easter, April 12, despite warnings from top health experts that easing guidelines early could cause mass deaths. Now, Trump said he expects "great things to be happening" by June 1. Birx said on Sunday that the choice to extend the guidelines had not been made lightly. "We know it's a huge sacrifice for everyone," she added.Read More.
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  • IOn the morning of March 13, the preliminary investigation results of "3.7" collapse accident of Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province were released—— According to the preliminary investigation, the project failed to perform the capital construction procedures, had no planning and construction permission, and had serious problems such as illegal construction and illegal transformation, especially when the housing owners found the omens of major accidents such as the settlement of the housing foundation and the deformation of the bearing column, they still took chances and continued to operate in violation of regulations; The governor of Chang'an Street previously reported that at 19:05 p.m. on March 7, a building collapsed at Xinjia Hotel, South Ring Road, Changtai street, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. At 11:4 on the 12th, 112 hours after the collapse accident, the last trapped person was found. Unfortunately, he had no vital signs, and the fire rescue team observed silence for the body at the scene. So far, 71 people trapped in the collapse of Xinjia hotel in Licheng District, Quanzhou City have been searched and rescued. 29 people were killed in the accident. On March 10, the third day after the accident, at the press conference of joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Shang Yong, Vice Minister of emergency management department, said that this was a safety production responsibility accident. The illegal construction and reconstruction of the hotel for many times exposed the dereliction of duty and responsibility of relevant local authorities, resulting in loopholes and blind areas of potential safety hazards. "The lesson of blood is shocking!" After the completion of on-site search and rescue work on December 12, the State Council approved the establishment of an accident investigation group, and the joint working group was transferred to an accident investigation group on the spot. This morning, the first plenary meeting of the investigation team of the State Council was held in Quanzhou, presided over by Fu Jianhua, deputy director of the office of the safety committee of the State Council and head of the accident investigation team. Fu Jianhua pointed out that after the accident, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it, and the leading comrades of the Central Committee immediately gave important instructions and instructions. A joint working group composed of the emergency management department and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development arrived at the scene of the accident overnight to give full guidance to local rescue work. The meeting pointed out that the accident occurred in the critical period of fighting the epidemic situation and returning to work. The hotel was also a medical isolation observation point designated by the local government, which had a serious nature and bad impact. The governor of Chang'an Street noted that the investigation team needs to conduct a comprehensive investigation in the following aspects, including—— Focus on the illegal construction and illegal transformation, find out the illegal operation of Xinjia Hotel and why it was selected as a medical isolation observation point, and find out the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty of relevant departments; Conduct professional technical appraisal scientifically and carefully, accurately identify the nature and responsibility of the accident, and be responsible in accordance with laws and regulations. The novel coronavirus pneumonia should be drawn from the lessons learned from the accident, and the current situation of building safety risks should be improved. Yu Weiguo, Secretary of Fujian provincial Party committee, and Tang Dengjie, governor of Fujian Province, said at the meeting that the accident caused heavy casualties, had a bad impact and had profound lessons. The Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government will actively and fully cooperate with the accident investigation team of the State Council to thoroughly investigate the causes and responsibilities of the accident, resolutely pursue the responsibilities and punish the people in accordance with the laws and regulations, and give the people a responsible account. The supervision of relevant local functional departments is not in place, "fight against non-compliance" is a mere formality, which leads to the failure of security checkpoints at all levels and ultimately leads to tragic accidents.Read More.
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  • IToday, one sentry box for Qingzhou high railway checkpoint was finished and handed over, this is sepcial for the New Coronvirus Period used, to make special passengers channel to prevent the contagion. The matrerials are used Jinsheng fiber cement board, and wood cladding wall board, and Jinsheng(JS) light steel. Though most factories still closed to prevent people gathered and contagion, some Jinsheng volumteers still still worked to satisfied the special condition, thanks for their work.Read More.
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  • IThe big Australia jungle fire burned several days, millions acres land and thousand of houses destroyed in the fire, a lot of fire victims spent their New year in the refugee house, though the fireman put the fire already, but the reconstruction work brooks no delay. We are very glad to see that there are a lot of volunteers nongovernmental, even the victims, organized together and started the reconstructions. We do hope they can use fireproof building materials for the reconstruction to ensure their safety in the future, Jinsheng(JS) is manufacture of fireproof building materials and prefab house supplier, if there any requirement, we can also be help for the reconstruction.Read More.
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  • IBOSTON (AP) — A U.S. cybersecurity company says Russian military agents have successfully hacked the Ukrainian gas company at the center of the scandal that led to President Donald Trump's impeachment. Russian agents launched a phishing campaign in early November to steal the login credentials of employees of Burisma Holdings, the gas company, according to Area 1 Security, a Silicon Valley company that specializes in e-mail security. Hunter Biden, son of former U.S. vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, previously served on Burisma's board. It was not clear what the hackers were looking for or may have obtained, said Area 1's CEO, Oren Falkowitz, who called the findings “incontrovertible” and posted an eight-page report. But the timing of the operation suggests that the Russian agents could be searching for material that damaging to the Bidens. The House of Representatives impeached Trump in December for abusing the power of his office by enlisting the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden, a political rival, ahead of the 2020 election. A second charge accused Trump of obstructing a congressional investigation into the matter. “Our report doesn't make any claims as to what the intent of the hackers were, what they might have been looking for, what they are going to do with their success. We just point out that this is a campaign that's going on,” said Falkowitz, a former National Security Agency offensive hacker whose company's clients include candidates for U.S. federal elected offices. In an earlier interview, he told The Associated Press that top candidates for the U.S. presidency and House and Senate races in 2020 have in the past few months each been targeted by about a thousand phishing emails. Falkowitz did not name the candidates. Nor would he name any clients. Russian hackers from the same military intelligence unit that Area 1 said was behind the operation targeting Burisma have been indicted for hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee and the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign during the 2016 presidential race.Read More.
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  • IIn middle August of 2021, all JS team under work for a North Barrcks place for a three floors comprehensive office building, about 2400sqm in total, including project design, building materials production, and civil work onsite. It's expected to be finished in this September. Read More.
    Date:2021-08-16 Author:Lily Xiao
  • IWhy do we use hot dip aluminum zinc plated light steel structure to make residential houses? The steel structure materials in the market mainly include H steel, square steel tube, galvanized steel tube, hot dip aluminum and zinc plated steel. We choose only hot dip aluminum zinc steel only, why? First, normal light steel house manufactures often buy square steel, H steel directly from the market as there already have finished products there. And then cut and fusion to form the house steel structure in factory or on site, with a lot of cutting and melting work. But Jinsheng aluminum zinc plated steel structure, there is no finished tubes in the market, we customize steel structures for each project. We purchase hot-dip aluminum zinc plated steel plate first, the structure engineer design the steel structure according to the housing drawings, and then input the drawings to microcomputer control system of production line to produce the house structure sections. It is automatic line to fabricated fixing holes and corners for all sections. In fact, only in this way, it is can be called prefab house structures. As the hot deep aluminum and zinc plated steel structures need big invest for technology and production line, so only big manufactures can hold it. Second, for the surface treatment, H steel normally does not have any surface treatment while be purchased from the market, so it needs to be coated with antirust for projects. Galvanized steel pipe is an ordinary steel pipe which has cold dip galvanized and hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized has very weak adhesion of coating, so it is easy be rusted. Hop dip galvanized steel tube is much better but the thickness of coating effect the price much. Jinsheng prefab house use hot dip aluminum zinc plated light steel structure, the steel surface with a layer of aluminum and a layer of zinc, and combined tightly by the hot dip technology, to protect the steel sections. Third, if all the steel materials be sued for house, how about the using life? Even if H steel is treated with antirust paint , it will peel off when the paint is aging, and it will be rusted through small peel off points (the peel off pints need to painted again, but if used for house, you can’t see it). For normal thinner hot and cold dip zinc steel tube, also easy be rusted. Cold dip galvanized steel tube with weak adhesion coating and already be forbidden by Chinese Government. As we mentioned in Item second, the normal hot-dip zinc steel tubes used in the market are very thin protection layer, such as 40g per square meter, which is common, also easy be destroyed during construction while melt it. H steel will face rusting based on the paint quality and construction technology, even you paint the all structures after they are be constructed on site, it will be no more than 10 years. The hot or cold dip galvanized tube will be rusted in 3-5 months, as it not easy to do painting work onsite, the rust point often start from the connecting joints, while the house work still under construction. The raw material steel plate of Jinsheng aluminized zinc steel tube has been hot-dip aluminized and zinc plated for 150-180g per square meter, it is chemical reaction to the steel body not simple physical coating, it is alloy technology combined tightly which can protect the steel structure of house 100 years. What’s more, there is no melting work at all. Therefore, the cold and hot dip square tube is generally be used for greenhouse, which is lower cost, lower requirements, and easy maintenance (the steels are exposed, we can see the weak parts easily and repair it in time). The strength of H steel is also relatively low, mainly relying on the thick weight to play the role of support. It is better to do antirust treatment after the main body is finished, because ordinary H steel has no coating, which is mainly used for steel structure workshop, warehouse, etc., with low cost and easy maintenance. Fourth, the strength of hot dip square tube is generally 235mpa, the strength of ordinary H steel is 250Mpa, and the yield strength of Jinsheng hot dip aluminum zinc steel pipe is 550MPa. We need much stronger house structure to face the destroy of snow, hurricane, and even earthquake, which are basic requirements for residential house, and also, longer lifetime house. People are easy to choose H steel for house often because they looks much “stronger” and much “easier”, but it in fact, it need to be thick and heavy just because it is not strong enough, so need much thicker to hold the loading of house. Fifth, for construction, except the hot dip aluminum zinc plated steel structure, all are welded by electric welding during construction, which can destroy the protection layer much. Due to the high strength and melting point of Jinsheng aluminum zinc plated steel structure, nobody can melt it, so the aluminum zinc plated steel structure is linked by prefabricated holes through bolts and screws, no melting work at all. Which greatly reducing the work of the project, speeding up the project, and protect the life of the steel structures. Sixth, let’s we see the cost. The purchase price of H steel, cold or hot dip galvanized steel tube, etc. is much lower price than Jinsheng hot dip aluminum and zinc steel plate . H steel, cold or hot dip galvanized steel tube, need to cut and melt in factory or on site, have big work and often it is labor work. Jinsheng hot dip aluminum and zinc structure is produced through the raw steel plate through the automatic line, no labor cutting and melting work. Then connect the steel sections by the fabricated holes through bolts and screws. While users only care about the materials cost, they will see the H steel and galvanized tube are much cheaper, but if balance the labor cost in the civil work, the cost difference will be much smaller. Above all, we should use different steel materials in different projects, choose cheap materials not means you can save whole project cost, or even lower your cost effective.Read More.
    Date:2021-03-02 Author:
  • IAs the coronvirus condition going, our clients has to stop the projects and there are about 10 containers 9.5mm high grade magnesium oxide board in our storage and customer asked us to transfer to other client, anyone who have any intrests please let me know for pictures and test reports and price. Email Lily Xiao through More.
    Date:2020-09-21 Author:
  • IJS external heat insulation wall cladding Structure: 0.8mm printed steel plate+waterproof rock wool+6mm JS fiber cement board. The most important is the surface steel board which is AZ150 standard made and intensity G550, painted four kinds materials to make the surface resistant to corrosion, which is much better than the galvanized sheet. The paint is PE/PVDF basic 15um, four colors print 1um, transparent PE/PVDF11um, UV protection film 70-80um. Standard size: 600x900x90mm Weight:20kgs/sqm WX: 0086 15008241932 Read More.
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  • I The above are the finished 130 units pubilic toilets which government want to improve the life level of the village of Weifang, and at the same time, upgrade the environment, China government excute the environment protection stragegy in many aspects these years, and set up more public toilets is one of the stratages. Our public toilets projects are simillar our living house in many details, to ensure they are all confortable and long life, if you want to know more of detail for our prefab house and building materials, please feel free to email More.
    Date:2020-08-23 Author:
  • IShow houses for Green City Garden is going to be finished Main Materials: JS light steel truss and sections which ptefabed in JS factory JS high strength fiber cement board with CE certificate. More of detail check Read More.
    Date:2020-08-06 Author:
  • IThere are frequent rainy days in China recently, some of our prefab house projects also be effected, if the rain not heavy, we are still continue the work everyday, to ensure we won't beyond the hand over time by plan. This house is not our normal light steel truss type but H steel with prefab wall type, 2 storey by the street side, the wall is fireproof light weight partition wall which is very fast construction with a lot of test datas, you can refer to fore more of detail. Read More.
    Date:2020-07-20 Author:
  • IAbout 40000 sqm wall construction project of Shandong Rizhao International Center finished recently, our light weight wall panel is high fireproof and fast construction, which is welcomed for high fire requrement projects and big construction projects. please refer to For more of detail email to xqh@sdjinsheng.comRead More.
    Date:2020-06-17 Author:
  • I300 units village pubic tolets finsihed already and hand over to the Qingzhou administrative departments, in fact, projects was started from June 2019, though was stoped for two months because of coronvirus conditions, but still hand over on time. This projet is to updated the evironment of village of China, to improve the lifetime of common peasonts, this plan also can stimulated the economic, since it is for whole China from the Central Government. We are very pround to join this plan for the construction. Read More.
    Date:2020-06-10 Author:
  • IProject: Qingzhou public toilets Quantity: 100 units Design: JS team Construction: JS team Building materials: light steel, fiber cement board, wood cladding board by JS Read More.
    Date:2020-04-22 Author:
  • IAfter the coronvirus condition getting steady, our job started in every aspects. This project is for the railway between Zhengzhou and Jinan city, our job is to construct the transient living house for the workers who will construct the railway and the storage for the machines and materials. Our work was delayed more than one month, so we need a hurry action for the work now, but we have the confidence for the work, since we have so many experience, team work is very important. Read More.
    Date:2020-03-18 Author:
  • IJin Sheng people are very happy to receive the commendation banner issued by Gaoliu Town Committee and town government of Qingzhou, China. We did a little to fight the coronvirus. What made us more happy was that the epidemic was well controlled not only in Shandong, but also in the whole China, which provided a favorable advance for the resumption of work and production as soon as possible. Before the publication of this article, there were only 125 new cases in China today, and no new cases in 30 provinces and cities for several consecutive days. This is the result of the unremitting efforts of more than one billion Chinese people. Read More.
    Date:2020-03-03 Author: