Is it a disaster? Before the collapse of Quanzhou isolation Hotel, there were signs!
Date:2020-03-13 14:03:27 Author:
On the morning of March 13, the preliminary investigation results of "3.7" collapse accident of Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province were released——

According to the preliminary investigation, the project failed to perform the capital construction procedures, had no planning and construction permission, and had serious problems such as illegal construction and illegal transformation, especially when the housing owners found the omens of major accidents such as the settlement of the housing foundation and the deformation of the bearing column, they still took chances and continued to operate in violation of regulations;

The governor of Chang'an Street previously reported that at 19:05 p.m. on March 7, a building collapsed at Xinjia Hotel, South Ring Road, Changtai street, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.

At 11:4 on the 12th, 112 hours after the collapse accident, the last trapped person was found. Unfortunately, he had no vital signs, and the fire rescue team observed silence for the body at the scene.

So far, 71 people trapped in the collapse of Xinjia hotel in Licheng District, Quanzhou City have been searched and rescued. 29 people were killed in the accident.
On March 10, the third day after the accident, at the press conference of joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Shang Yong, Vice Minister of emergency management department, said that this was a safety production responsibility accident. The illegal construction and reconstruction of the hotel for many times exposed the dereliction of duty and responsibility of relevant local authorities, resulting in loopholes and blind areas of potential safety hazards. "The lesson of blood is shocking!"

After the completion of on-site search and rescue work on December 12, the State Council approved the establishment of an accident investigation group, and the joint working group was transferred to an accident investigation group on the spot.
This morning, the first plenary meeting of the investigation team of the State Council was held in Quanzhou, presided over by Fu Jianhua, deputy director of the office of the safety committee of the State Council and head of the accident investigation team.

Fu Jianhua pointed out that after the accident, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it, and the leading comrades of the Central Committee immediately gave important instructions and instructions. A joint working group composed of the emergency management department and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development arrived at the scene of the accident overnight to give full guidance to local rescue work.
The meeting pointed out that the accident occurred in the critical period of fighting the epidemic situation and returning to work. The hotel was also a medical isolation observation point designated by the local government, which had a serious nature and bad impact.
The governor of Chang'an Street noted that the investigation team needs to conduct a comprehensive investigation in the following aspects, including——
Focus on the illegal construction and illegal transformation, find out the illegal operation of Xinjia Hotel and why it was selected as a medical isolation observation point, and find out the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty of relevant departments;
Conduct professional technical appraisal scientifically and carefully, accurately identify the nature and responsibility of the accident, and be responsible in accordance with laws and regulations.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia should be drawn from the lessons learned from the accident, and the current situation of building safety risks should be improved.
Yu Weiguo, Secretary of Fujian provincial Party committee, and Tang Dengjie, governor of Fujian Province, said at the meeting that the accident caused heavy casualties, had a bad impact and had profound lessons. The Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government will actively and fully cooperate with the accident investigation team of the State Council to thoroughly investigate the causes and responsibilities of the accident, resolutely pursue the responsibilities and punish the people in accordance with the laws and regulations, and give the people a responsible account.

The supervision of relevant local functional departments is not in place, "fight against non-compliance" is a mere formality, which leads to the failure of security checkpoints at all levels and ultimately leads to tragic accidents.
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