Stimulating domestic demand is new policy by Chinese Government
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Although the epidemic situation in our country has entered the final stage and most people's lives have been on the right track, the migrant workers who enter the city have encountered unprecedented embarrassment. Although many enterprises have returned to work, many factories have been affected by the epidemic situation in China and overseas, which has led to a sharp decrease in the order quantity of many enterprises, so that many migrant workers have no work. At this time, they can only promote the economy by stimulating domestic demand, so many people will ask whether the current rural implementation of village consolidation, new rural construction and so on can stimulate domestic demand What is the direction?

In fact, in recent years, the integration of villages and towns and the construction of new rural areas have always been the most frequently talked about topic among farmers. Because this year's epidemic has a great impact on all walks of life, many farmers feel that this year will not be as drastic as the previous years in rural reform and construction, but it is not the case. Now many rural areas have started the integration of villages and towns and the new year Rural construction. In fact, rural village and new rural construction is one of the ways to stimulate domestic demand. In addition, with the development of rural village and new rural construction, there are many benefits.

First, increase farmers' income. Under the influence of the epidemic, many migrant workers did not go to work in the city just after the end of the year as in previous years, but delayed for a month or two. Even after migrant workers went to work in the city, factories were shut down due to the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, so farmers could only return home. Because of the rural village and town and new rural construction, the need for labor will greatly increase, migrant workers can find work without going out, so as to make up for the loss of not being able to work in the city.

In fact, the current construction of combining villages with towns and new rural areas can not only increase the income of farmers at this time, but also solve the problem of finding jobs for migrant workers in the long run. Through the construction of rural villages and new rural areas, more and more factories will be opened in rural areas. Migrant workers do not need to go to cities to find jobs as before, but can have jobs at home.

Second, the living environment of farmers will be better and better. In recent years, with the increasing income of rural people, every household has built new houses, but the rural environment has not changed much. By combining villages with towns and building new countryside, not only villages have access to roads, but also rural education, medical and other facilities will be more and more comprehensive. The rural areas will no longer be linked with the three words "dirty, disorderly and poor".

To sum up, the construction of combining villages with towns and new villages in rural areas will not only stimulate domestic demand, but also be a good thing for farmers. What do you think of this problem? Welcome to reply and discuss.
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