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1.How to construct light steel house with drywall

How to construct light steel house with drywall


To be a building materials sales, I think maybe not very professional, but will be very useful and easy to be understood for the person new in this field. To construct a light steel house, from ground work to finish.


Take our project case for example:

Project Name: CNPC (Hainan) office

Floor: 3 floors

Project time: 4 months

Project time:2014


1. The first step is the ground work, to choose a strong but not too hard ground to allocate the ground work, this work should also obey the drawing. At the same time, should do the water drain pipes and cable underground work, which is very important, choose better quality at this sections since fixing is really complex work.

For this project, our ground work with steels and stones into the earth about 1.2m, should be according to the inspection to the earth, if too soft, must be deeper.

2. Rammed down in the trenches to make a base for the concrete, mix with steels to get a strong foundation. The concrete base should be flat enough to facilitate your following work on it.


3. The steel truss and stud are in fact be prefabricated in factory, so on site work is only to assemble all the sections according to the drawing for truss and stud, there is no cutting and drilling wok for steel truss and stud, since all the screw holes also prefabricated in factory. We have light steel software to prefab the steel structures and the production is controlled by this system. The thickness we used often 0.75mm-0.8mm, and this project in Hainan where often have hurricane and typhoon, this project already experienced 12 grade typhoon in this area in the year 2015.



4. After assemble all the sections, the next step is to combine all the sections together, and mounted to the ground tightly. The drawings to amount the steel stud and truss already marked the first step and second step and finish. So it is not complex work.


Step to step, to finish the light steel work for the house. They are as the bones of the house.

5. The truss and stud finished, like a bird nest, the next work is to cover the steel bones from inside and outside, including roofing and ceiling part. Remember here the board should be stronger structure board, not fragile and weak boards, since this should be also the structure of the house. Amount the board to the steels by screw gun.

The floor parts of the house, should be even stronger board than the structure wall board, while Onekin can also make it, Onekin green board specially for flooring.

6. After finish all the coverage, the trusses and studs are all be wrapped by Onekin green boards, including flooring, and roofing and stairs.

 For the normal parts where only be used for skim coating and paint, construction in normal way while smooth face to outside, if for ceramic, should be rough face outside.



Should do a layer of waterproof by rough cement concrete, special waterproof grade, such as the bathroom and kitchen. For washroom should be waterproof and ceramics whole wall and ground or floor, 

If for normal room wall, no need the waterproof layer.

7. After all the cement concrete work dry, the next step is to do the decoration works, internal wall with decoration boards, such as plaster board, for ceiling and wall, mount onto the structure board. For kitchen and washroom should be ceramic. For external wall can attached external wall cladding, ceramics or cement concrete, between structure board and cladding board, can also use sandwich panel for additional weather insulation.

For external wall from ground to 1m-1.5m wall position, better use ceramic or false stone or waterproof concrete.

8. For the roof system, with separated stud and truss, after the structure boards covered the steels, use insulation wool to fill the hollow parts, on the roof board, with waterproof film before shingle coverage.


9. Comparison for drawing and project finished




2.whats a prefab house?

A prefab house is shortened name for a prefabricated house, which is a home that has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. They are sometimes referred to as factory-made or modular homes, although there are some differences. In this type of house, the walls and wall units are made in a factory, whereas modular homes have entire sections of the house build off site. By manufacturing the parts of the house off site, waste is reduced and less time and energy are expended during construction. In addition, the slab put in for a prefab house is much easier to arrange than the foundation of a traditional home.

Components of a prefab house are manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. Components of a prefab house are manufactured in an off-site industrial facility.

The benefits of buying a prefab house include ease of mobility, speedy construction, and fewer expenses. These houses are usually less expensive to build and can be put up in only a few days, complete with wiring, heating, and plumbing. The only thing buyers must provide is a plot of land on which to put the house.

3.How to instal JS precast wall panel
I. Installation tools: portable electric cutting saw, crowbar with cross
angle iron, rubber hand hammer, cutting machine,
chisel, plane, float, putty knife, mortar board,
broom, small iron drum, small iron shovel, 2m
long or aluminum alloy 70(90) webbing, sinker.
II. Junction materials: binding agent, saw dust, dry wood block, sand
passed 1.0mm sieve, thick sand, mazding, No107
glue,425# cement, 50mm long fiber glass, wood
Binding agent: 1) the same material with the partition panel
2) 250# cement mortar and with 5cm fiberglass
3) 801# glue
III.Worker team: 3person/team
IV. Installation:
1. Line the position of door and window and other points on the ground
or roof of the building according to the construction drawing. the
vertical deviation should be within 3mm, and the planeness deviation
should be within 5mm.

2. According to the size and quantity of partition panels required in
different layers to transport the panels, then use portable electric
cutting saw to cut the panels, and then making the installation.
3. Cutting the partition panel according the exact size on site. Cutting the
two side faces into serration in order to connect much more with the
partition panels.
4. During installation, one person use a crowbar with cross angle iron to
prize the partition panel, other one or two person hold the partition
panel and see the line, make the partition panels be closed and check
the verticality, after that, foist the wooden wedge to make the partition
panel be stable temporally, then draw out the crowbar.
5. Fill the junction material two times. Firstly, fill half of the junction
with the material to make the partition wall more stable, after the
solidification, continue filling the left half junction secondly.
6. Stick the fiberglass tape on the junction surface, and then brush the
liquid junction material to make the fiberglass tape cling the partition
panel closely.
V. Technical impotents:
1. The combination between partition panels. The junction between
the panels should not be smaller than 10mm to facilitate the
binding agent joint, and ensure the combination in good condition.
The maintain period is 3 days for the joints.

2. After finished the installation of the partition panels, the lights,
telephone and TV cable can be installed in the hollow part
according to the different requirements. You should firstly use
cutting machine to cut the installation area on the panels before
install the switch, socket and embedded parts.
3. You can use different carpenter screws to fix the goods on the
surface of panel, and mazding can also be used on the keel to fix
the goods。But for heavy equipments such as electric water heater,
basin, you should cut the whole on the panel and install the
embedded parts inside to used as the load bearing parts special for
the heavy electricity and so on.
4. Normal installation for the partition panel is within 3 meter high,
and not for loading bearing internal wall, concrete structure or steel
structure above and under, or with other depending beam, and the
span is within 5meter.
5. The iron materials used in installation should with antirust paint.
6. There are male and female sides for connection between the
partition panels, the vertical distance not beyond 650mm.
7. If the junction material is the same with the partition panel, the
junction material should be made on site. and must be used out in
limited period. The binding material is gruel for first time to ensure
the adherence. Filling junction within one time is forbidden. The

junction material should be not higher than the panel surface.
8. The temporary fixing material should be chosen according to the
different temperature. The type “L” steel clip is suitable for the
area with big different temperature and the dry wood wedge is
suitable for the area with small different temperature.
9. The hole for windows and doors should use amending materials
two times, between 1.5mm~3.0mm thick.
10. According to the requirements of Party A in contract or the
requirements of the drawing to find the installation position, the
difference of verticality should be within 3mm, and planeness
within 5mm.

4.How Jinsheng support the distributors/agents

Once to be distributor/agent of Jinsheng, you can get the following supports:

1. Mark you or your company and the contact detail on our website

2. Get a distribuor/agent price for all the materials

3. Free for technology supports before contracts

4. Sole agent power for market develop if reach the sale target in the first two years (Distributor won't beyond two in same city)

5. Support local exhibitions by free samples and catalogues

5.How to be distributor/agent of Jinsheng(JS)
Jinsheng seldom did overseas market directly in the past years, we need a lot of supports to give the real advantages and ecnomic to the final clients. If you are capable company or person in housing or building materials for more than five years, please email  xqh@sdjinsheng.com a resume of yourself or your company introduction and a  market analysis of your place, and your business plan in 2-5 years if to be our distributor/agent.
6.What kind of prefab house can Jinsheng provide

1. Villa house

2. Holiday house

3. Sentry box

4. Shopping house

5. Poverty alleviation housing

6. Movable house

7. Prefabricated public toilet

8. Tree house

7.What kind of building materials can Jinsheng produce themselves

1. Mgo Board

2. Fiber cemenmt board

3. Exterior wood wall cladding

3. SIP sandwich panel

4. Light steel structure

5. RPC brick imitated wall

6. RPC cover plate

7. RPC evacuation platform

8.How does water saturation effect to Jinsheng precast panel?
Jinsheng precast panel has low water absorption (<22%), but when building with Jinsheng precast panel, it is recommended to use coated fasteners on specific increments, as well as using protective measures to eliminate water penetration.
9.Where can JS precast panel test data be reviewed?
All JS precast panel testing has been completed by a third party and are available for review, you can contact with us for more information. Or email to xqh@sdjinsheng.com and only leave a message for test reports.
10.What are the building materials of JS precast house

Light steel: produced by JS factory, with high strength, thickness 0.75-1.2mm

Wall panel: RCP wall panel by JS factory, high quality with CE/SGS tests, exported to many countries, please ask sales for test reports.

Windows and doors: based on the requirement in different area to choose proper windows and doors from long cooperated manufactures, who also provide windows and doors to our own projects in China.

11.The advantages of JS precast panel
JS RPC precast panel aims to make wall construction faster, lighter, safer, healthier.

It has benefits:
1.Shorten construction time. JS RPC precast panel is fast installation, with installation speed at least 40m2/day/worker. We have one project finishes in four month while origin plan for block will take one year.

2.Light weight. JS precast panel is lightweight, with density 375~500 kgs/m3, differ from thickness.

3.Fireproof grade A1. 100mm thickness JS Green panel can reach 132 minutes(TUV Fire test); 150mm thickness can reach 4 hours fireproof limitation.

4.Energy saving. JS precast panel is heat insulation material, it can save energy up to 80%. JS precast panel(100mm) when directly applied with a 1100℃ torch flame for 132 minutes will not burn,while limiting the heat transferred.One side of the panel will be 1100℃ while the opposite side will only reach a max of 134℃ over 45 minutes.

5.Eco-friendly. JS precast panel are manufactured from naturally occurring minerals and do not contain any organic solvents,formaldehyde,asbestos,oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and water ways.
12.Can JS RPC precast panel be built to customized configurations and sizes?
Yes, customized panel sizes are available. We have the ability to produce a variety of panel configurations, thickness and types.