Light steel eco materials prefab villa house two storay prefab house
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Quick details:

Place of Origin:

Shandong, China

Main structure

Light steel Q345/Q550

Brand Name



Aluminum Window

Model Number



Aluminum alloy,MDF internal door



Life Span

More than 50 years


Prefab house

External wall materials

Fiber cement board, external wood cladding wall

Insulation materials

SIP panel, glass wool

Internal wall materials

Fiber cement board, bamboo fiber cladding wall

Plumbing fixtures

Shower, wash basin, toilet, floor drain

Electrical works

Lights, panel boards, cables, switch


Light steel house is a technology that developed many years and have very complete system standard, the quality of original materials such as steels and structure materials (structure wall) are very important which can directly decide the quality of the prefab house.

So Jingsheng(JS) produce the light steel and structure materials all by themselves, we have the advanced production line to produce the light steel sections and structure wall boards like exterior wall, interior wall, floor backer board and external decoration wall, for the details of production line and building materials we produced, please check from the linkage here.

Data of normal light steel prefab house

1, The arrange of the light steel modules is according to the intensity and thickness, mostly between 400mm-600mm, and cross section between 89-200mm, thickness of steel 0.55mm-1.91mm. The wall system is thinner 2%-3% than the traditional civil structure, so can make the living area larger.

2, The cross section distance of light steel floor system is 150mm-300mm, steel thickness 0.75mm-2.56mm, the max span now can reach 9m, purlin thickness thinner 30%-50% than the traditional brick structure, making larger living area and also cut the bearing weight of the floor.

3, The roof truss can be assembled directly by the steel tubes, which can makes different kinds of complex roof. You can also assemble the roof truss first and hang to the top or roof, which be often used for large span of roof.

4, The wall and roof cavity is filling glass fiber wool, and external also use composite concrete insulation board, which can solve the “cold bridge” condition, makes the thermal insulation and sound insulation much better than the traditional civil structure house.

5, Fireproof performance is a very important requirement to a house, and from the data of experiment, the light steel with A1 grade fireproof structure boards, makes the house reach fireproof 2.5 hours.

Advantages of Jinsheng(JS) prefab house

1. Wind proof: can against 0.85kN/m2 wind pressure and 209km/h wind speed.

2. Against the snow: can against the snow pressure 1.55kN/m2

3. Earthquake proof: 9 grade

4. Impact performance: 250G

5. Fireproof: 1-4 hours

6. Using life: more than 50 years(the steel structure is produced by Q550Mpa high strength 275g original steel)

7. Thermal insulation: special 200mm thickness wall system, which heat resistant value is 5.05k.m2/W, beyond 742% more than 490mm brick wall.

8. Sound proof: external wall (200mm) sound proof reach 65dB, internal wall sound proof 44dB.

9. Breath wall for damp proof: special breath wall, roof and base system which can insure the relative humidity of the room 40%-70% (standard of healthy house standard)

10. Good ventilation: good ventilation design to make enough nature air, new are quantity above 15% (healthy house standard is 10%)

11. Anti-mildew: good damp proof and good ventilation makes the bacteria quantity reach the healthy standard, and even long time without living, won’t be mildew.

12. Eco living: save energy and environmental, the physical air performance, biology performance, chemical pollution and radiation data all reach the standard of house requirement. (free formaldehyde less 0.08mg/m3, benzene less 0.09mg/m3, radon less 95 beck)

Jinsheng(JS) prefab house structure system

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