Jinsheng hot dip galvanized light steel truss and stud
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Why do we use hot dip aluminum zinc plated light steel structure to make residential houses?

The steel structure materials in the market mainly include H steel, square steel tube, galvanized steel tube, hot dip aluminum and zinc plated steel. We choose only hot dip aluminum zinc steel only, why?

First, normal light steel house manufactures often buy square steel, H steel directly from the market as there already have finished products there. And then cut and fusion to form the house steel structure in factory or on site, with a lot of cutting and melting work.

But Jinsheng aluminum zinc plated steel structure, there is no finished tubes in the market, we customize steel structures for each project. We purchase hot-dip aluminum zinc plated steel plate first, the structure engineer design the steel structure according to the housing drawings, and then input the drawings to microcomputer control system of production line to produce the house structure sections. It is automatic line to fabricated fixing holes and corners for all sections. In fact, only in this way, it is can be called prefab house structures.

As the hot deep aluminum and zinc plated steel structures need big invest for technology and production line, so only big manufactures can hold it.

Second, for the surface treatment, H steel normally does not have any surface treatment while be purchased from the market, so it needs to be coated with antirust for projects. Galvanized steel pipe is an ordinary steel pipe which has cold dip galvanized and hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized has very weak adhesion of coating, so it is easy be rusted. Hop dip galvanized steel tube is much better but the thickness of coating effect the price much. Jinsheng prefab house use hot dip aluminum zinc plated light steel structure, the steel surface with a layer of aluminum and a layer of zinc, and combined tightly by the hot dip technology, to protect the steel sections.

Third, if all the steel materials be sued for house, how about the using life? Even if H steel is treated with antirust paint , it will peel off when the paint is aging, and it will be rusted through small peel off points (the peel off pints need to painted again, but if used for house, you can’t see it). For normal thinner hot and cold dip zinc steel tube, also easy be rusted. Cold dip galvanized steel tube with weak adhesion coating and already be forbidden by Chinese Government. As we mentioned in Item second, the normal hot-dip zinc steel tubes used in the market are very thin protection layer, such as 40g per square meter, which is common, also easy be destroyed during construction while melt it. H steel will face rusting based on the paint quality and construction technology, even you paint the all structures after they are be constructed on site, it will be no more than 10 years. The hot or cold dip galvanized tube will be rusted in 3-5 months, as it not easy to do painting work onsite, the rust point often start from the connecting joints, while the house work still under construction.

The raw material steel plate of Jinsheng aluminized zinc steel tube has been hot-dip aluminized and zinc plated for 150-180g per square meter, it is chemical reaction to the steel body not simple physical coating, it is alloy technology combined tightly which  can protect the steel structure of house 100 years. What’s more, there is no melting work at all.

Therefore, the cold and hot dip square tube is generally be used for greenhouse, which is lower cost, lower requirements, and easy maintenance (the steels are exposed, we can see the weak parts easily and repair it in time). The strength of H steel is also relatively low, mainly relying on the thick weight to play the role of support. It is better to do antirust treatment after the main body is finished, because ordinary H steel has no coating, which is mainly used for steel structure workshop, warehouse, etc., with low cost and easy maintenance.

Fourth, the strength of hot dip square tube is generally 235mpa, the strength of ordinary H steel is 250Mpa, and the yield strength of Jinsheng hot dip aluminum zinc steel pipe is 550MPa. We need much stronger house structure to face the destroy of snow, hurricane, and even earthquake, which are basic requirements for residential house, and also, longer lifetime house.

People are easy to choose H steel for house often because they looks much “stronger” and much “easier”, but it in fact, it need to be thick and heavy just because it is not strong enough, so need much thicker to hold the loading of house.

Fifth, for construction, except the hot dip aluminum zinc plated steel structure, all are welded by electric welding during construction, which can destroy the protection layer much. Due to the high strength and melting point of Jinsheng aluminum zinc plated steel structure, nobody can melt it, so the aluminum zinc plated steel structure is linked by prefabricated holes through bolts and screws, no melting work at all. Which greatly reducing the work of the project, speeding up the project, and protect the life of the steel structures.

Sixth, let’s we see the cost. The purchase price of H steel, cold or hot dip galvanized steel tube, etc. is much lower price than Jinsheng hot dip aluminum and zinc steel plate .

H steel, cold or hot dip galvanized steel tube, need to cut and melt in factory or on site, have big work and often it is labor work.

Jinsheng hot dip aluminum and zinc structure is produced through the raw steel plate through the automatic line, no labor cutting and melting work. Then connect the steel sections by the fabricated holes through bolts and screws.

While users only care about the materials cost, they will see the H steel and galvanized tube are much cheaper, but if balance the labor cost in the civil work, the cost difference will be much smaller.

Above all, we should use different steel materials in different projects, choose cheap materials not means you can save whole project cost, or even lower your cost effective.

Strength 550Mpa Thickness 0.75-1.2mm
Connection type bolts and screws Life time more than 100 years
Rust proof Hot dip aluminmum and zinc Output 3 tons / day
Finished products in factory Truss sections fabricated Package bulk
Color white/blue Brand Jinsheng

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