Terracotta façade wall board with heat preservation
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Terracotta façade wall board with heat preservation is a kind of energy-saving board, which is composed of special vertical wire rock wool insulation board, cement-based particle mixed lightweight composite insulation board as insulation layer, ceramic thin plate with thickness of 5mm-8mm as decorative layer, and factory prefabricated composite panel, which integrates heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof, decoration and other functions.


Terracotta façade wall board with heat preservation is a new type of thermal insulation and energy-saving product developed according to GB-50016-2014. As a composite plate with fuel performance grade of a, it can fundamentally eliminate the fire hazards in the process of transportation, storage, construction and application of thermal insulation materials; it is suitable for new and rebuilt industrial and civil buildings, as well as energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, and can be applied to ultra-low energy consumption buildings External maintenance system.

Normal Size

Length: 600-1200mm

Width: 300-800mm

Thickness: 20-300mm

Rock wool density: above 100kgs/m3

Ceramic sheet thickness:5-8mm



1.     Light weight

2.     Decorative

3.     Thermal protection

4.     Thermal insulation

5.     Water proof

6.     Fireproof

7.     Safe and reliable wall system

8.     Easy construction

9.     Economic


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