JS high quality thermal insulated fireproof compiosite board external wall cladding with stone decoration.
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JS high quality thermal insulated fireproof compiosite board, external wall cladding, with stone decoration.

Structure and material

High quality panel is one of the most important layers of gold content. The surface texture is marble, and the material is a new type of metal printing plate.
Jinsheng has very high requirements for the new metal printing plate, and it is manufactured in strict accordance with the high market standards. The steel plate with thickness of 0.8 mm and strength of G550 is made of az150 Australian standard. Where 550 is the yield point of steel, az150 is the aluminum zinc plating of 150 g / m2. G550 az150 means spraying aluminum iron silicon zinc on the surface of the steel plate with a thickness of 0.8mm and a yield strength of 550, forming a compact quaternary crystal, which forms an effective anti-corrosion barrier on the steel plate. When zinc is cut, scratched and scratched, aluminum will form an insoluble oxide layer, which plays an anti-corrosion protection function. The aluminum zinc coating material has stronger protective effect and corrosion resistance than galvanized sheet. The aluminum zinc coating surface is coated with polyester fluorocarbon special primer 6um, PE / PVDF base color 15um, four color roller coating printing 1um, transparent cover PE / pvdf11um and UV protection film 70-80um.

The bottom plate is a layer of 6 mm Jinsheng fiber cement board, which is conducive to the installation and fixation of the wall. In the middle of the insulation layer, Jinsheng adopts hydrophobic rock wool, which takes into account fire prevention, heat preservation and waterproof, and protects the building from multiple angles and layers.


1. Light weight and high strength, compared with the traditional use of exterior wall marble decorative board is much lighter, not fragile

2. weather resistance is good, according to Australian standard type system, no water absorption, no fading, anti aging.

3. Easy to install, light, easy to operate and fast to install

4. Zero color difference spraying material is uniform, no modulation is needed

5. Easy to clean UV protection film 70-80um, which can effectively resist dust particles during installation

6. Non toxic three-layer composite materials have been tested, no toxicity

7. Smooth and beautiful. Printed on steel plate, regular edge, smooth surface, no burr, not easy to deform,

Conventional size: 600x900x90mm rock wool density: 120Kgs / m3

Board weight: 20KGS / m2

Panel material selection:

We have three at present

1. Aluminum zinc metal fluorocarbon paint rock wool insulation decoration integrated board

2. Ceramic rock wool sheet composite thermal insulation decoration integrated board

3. Calcium silicate board composite rock wool insulation decoration integrated board

Rock wool density: 80KGS / m3 or 120Kgs / m3
Rock wool thickness: 90mm or 120mm

Installation method: nailing and bonding

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